Screw pumps

pompa spaccatoHydrochem screw pumps are the ideal solution for the transfert of high viscosity liquids (up to 100.000 Cps), even with solids in suspension. When a gentle continuous pumping is needed, our screw pumps are the best choice. Self priming until 7 meters of water column. Flow rate from 100 liters / hour to 150 m3 / hour. Pressure up to 24 bars. Application fields – Wastewater – Diluted or concentrated sludges – Chemicals – Food, Wine and Dairy industry – Wine industry – Distilleries

pompavite_statore-flottanteS Serie R Extremely compact and efficient, the Pump R has a special floating stator system technology. It’s the perfect choice for average viscosity fluids and small flow rates (until 70 liters/min). Depliant Pumps Type R




pompavite_MN_L Serie MN Compact dosing pump for small flow rates (until 50 liters/min). Can be used for the dosing of dense and high-viscosity fluids, even with suspended solids.





pompavite_N_L Serie M It’s the close coupled version: the screw pump is directly connected to motor and gear. The direct coupling design, available in all dimension until 100 m3/h, has the mayor advantages of a smaller dimension,lower price and easier maintenance.




Pompa vite S Serie S “S” pump is the bigger version of our screw pumps, able to withstand the hardest uses.



pompavite_HS_L Serie H This pump is equipped with hopper and screw feeder, for products that can not be sucked under vacuum.