Active Carbon

HYDROCHEM supplies powdered, extruded and granular activated carbons for treatment of liquids and gases, produced starting from first-quality materials, with a process of chemical of physical activation.
The broad range of our products can satisfy any need of treatment, decoloration and purification.
We can also design and supply the complete filtration unit, manually o automatically operated.

Technical details

HYDROCHEM activated carbons come from first-quality mineral or vegetal raw materials.
Activation process guarantees a very high specific surface and a low residual content in water.
Available sizes:
Extruded carbon: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 mm
Granular carbon: 8×16 8×30 12×40 mesh
Powdered carbon: Impregnated carbons for special uses are also available.

Application fields

Water potabilisation
Removal of color, smell and taste.

Granular carbons for final filters
Powdered carbons for biological and chemical-physical plants
Impregnated carbons for special purposes
Quartzite, pyrolusite, anthracite for special filtration.

Adsorption of solvents and toxic compounds.

Industrial production
Purification of glycerine
Decoloration of wines
Support for catalyzers

Manual of fully automated filters

Hydrochem design and realize complete fliltration plants, manual or automatic, for treatment of liquids and gases.
Our long experience in the field is a guarantee of high quality and reliability.