Dissolved Air Flotators

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CLADAF: Dissolved Air Flotator by CLABER

One of the main problems in the treatment of the wastewaters is the presence of suspended solids, fats and oils.
The DAF (dissolved air flotation) is one of the best systems to eliminate these polluants and to obtain a clear water, free of suspended matters.

The concept is very simple: the flow of water to be treated is sent to a tank and mixed with compressed air coming from the bottom of the flotation tank.
The air bubbles rise, causing the suspended matter to float on the surface of water and to be removed by a skimming device.

Thanks to its modern design and high-tech solutions, our CLADAF system (designed in cooperation with the company CLABER) can guarantee an excellent rate of removal of suspended solids.

Important details
Construction material: AISI 304 (AISI 316 upon request)
Automatical discharge of the sludge
Easy maintenance
CLADAF is built with an extreme attention to all the details, from the construction materials to the optimisation of the water flow path.
The water to be treated is slowly mixed with a polyelectrolyte solution to flocculate the suspended matter, and then transferred to the flotation tank.
Here the compressed water saturated with air is gently diffused from the bottom, generating a rising stream of air bubbles that removes the suspended matters and clean the water.
The presence of parallel plates ensure a very high specific surface inside the flotation basin, and increases the separation rate of pollutants.

CLADAF range

Flow rate: from 10 to 300 m3/hour

For the complete management of the flotation system, Hydrochem also supplies polielectrolytes and polielectrolytes preparation systems.