Presence of nitrogen and phosphorus is essential for the growth of microorganisms, core units of the biological water treatment.
It is therefore very important to use the HYDROCHEM nutrients, rich in proteinic nitrogen and phosphorus, much more efficient then the conventional inorganic nutrients such as urea and phosphates.
All of our nutrients are very safe to use and don’t require any special protection for the user.

Iperox is a homogenized powder, easy to mix with water.
It is rich in both nitrogen and phosphorus, immediately available for the microorganisms.
The right choice when a quick primer is needed or when the concentration of nitrogen is very low.
PROTEON is a liquid nutrient with very high content of proteinic nitrogen, quickly assimilated by microorganisms.
When water has a good nitrogen concentration but a lack in phosphorus, you must choose HYDROFOS, an homogenized powder easy to mix with water and very rich in proteinic phosphorus.