Polyelectrolyte Preparators

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HYDRODOX polyelectrolyte dosing system
– For powdered or emulsion polyelectrolytes
– Flow rate from 500 to 10.000 liters/hour
– Completely automatic
– Easy to install
– Small dimensions
EMULDOX on-line dilution and dosing system
All the machines of the EMULDOX line are designed for preparation of polyelectrolyte emulsion, with flow up to 2000 liters/hour.
These units are composed of a dosing pump and a static dosage system.
All functions are controlled by an electric control panel.
Agitators and mixers
– Complete range of fast and slow agitators and mixers.
– Electric or pneumatic traction
– Fixed or mobile
– With gearbox
– Motor with 4-6-8 poles
– Shafts in AISI 304, 316 or ebanite.
Powder hoppers with dosing system
– Body material: AISI 304
– Flow rate from 0.2 to 30 Kg/h
– Designed to dose any kind of powder
– Hopper capacity: from 40 to 300 liters
– With vibrating anti-clogging system
– Anti-condensation heat coil
– Level sensor